How are YOU making ends meet?

Tip for Costco shoppers: Heidi says an asterisk on the price sign indicates an item that might be discontinued soon. So load-up.

You will save money — AND help save the world from plastic — if, as Michael suggests: “Ditch the K-cup. Buy a reusable K-cup and fill it with a teaspoon from a can of coffee.” And Joey writes “Starbucks?” They should call it “FIVE bucks!” He says he spends a lot of time in the car; and instead of – habitually – doing-the-drive-through, he totes a tall insulated travel mug, and is saving a-hundred-a-month by bringing coffee from home.

You scored a great hotel rate online, but… Mike – a frequent business traveler – warns about hidden fees. Some are mandatory, but others may only apply if you use certain services. If you don’t expect to take advantage of the amenities a fee covers, try asking the hotel to remove it. And to duck that pricey daily WiFi charge, use the personal hot spot feature on your smartphone. Before you book, Mike recommends

Kevin says “I’ve been TRYING forever, but THIS is what it took to quit smoking.” He went to a hypnosis seminar and says “It worked, and I feel GREAT.” Though many ex-smokers gain weight, Kevin says “these supermarket prices kinda help.”

You know it’s not your imagination when… Merriam-Webster Dictionary invents a new word: “Shrink-flation.”
Same price, smaller package.

Great suggestions from callers to The Jim Bohannon Show: Click here to hear, and have a pen handy. When we talked about generic over-the-counter meds, one caller suggested that some generics might not work as well as name-brand pills because of inactive ingredients you won’t see listed when you compare packages. Dr. Roy Blackburn heard the show, and writes: “The meds which are probably most important not to buy generically are cardiac meds and thyroid meds. Otherwise, it is worth a try to use generic meds.” THANKS Doc!

Gabriela shares 8 ways she’s saving on groceries.

Derrick writes: “I got a Target debit card — 5% savings right off the top for just about everything.”

From Bill & Maria: “Over 55 years old? The best cellphone deal anywhere is T-Mobile’s 2 lines for $55 per month. That includes taxes, fees, and a promise to lock in that rate forever. All you can eat internet, texts, and free service in over 200 foreign countries is included.”

AARP: “Ignore that oil-change sticker. Most oil-change shops slap a sticker on your windshield summoning you back in 3,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual. Many newer cars use a synthetic oil that needs changing far less frequently than older cars.”

Ann Marie says she’s sold lots of books that were gathering dust on Amazon. She says she still browses in book stores, then buys used copies on Amazon…IF she can’t find what she’s looking for at the library.

Sara writes: “I’ve discovered that around 10 a.m. on Wednesdays my local grocery store marks down food that’s close to expiring. I stock up for the week on whatever meats, bread, and veggies they have on clearance, and it’s so helpful.”

Megan calls it “kind of a positive life change, but started eating more plant based! I just couldn’t deal with meat prices. Still buy it, but eat way less, relying more on things like beans, chickpeas, and eggs.”

And Supermarket News says you’ll pay less using self-checkout than at staffed registers, where all that…stuff tempts impulse buying.

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