We are…

Holland CookeIt’s me, your blog host. And here’s why:

Years ago, at a cocktail party, I was chatting with a brain surgeon.
“So,” I said, “you’ve got someone’s head wide open. And you fix it. Then you put it back together again. Wow.”
Seeming accustomed to people seeming impressed, the doctor shrugged, “Hey, it’s not rocket science.”
Ever since then, I’ve been…hearing things…
…and writing them down.

Some are profound, others elegantly simple.
Some as funny as they are meaningful.
Real words-of-wisdom.

I’ve been collecting ’em.
And after years of fishing scraps-of-paper out of pockets, I’ve put ’em here.
I’ve even tried to sort them, on the pages listed on the right.

And YOURS???
What words do YOU live by?
Click “Leave a Comment” on any of the Pages.
If I can gather enough of ’em, I’ll put ’em in a book.
And if I use yours there, I’ll put your name on the cover!

Aloha from Block Island.
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