$ + Sense

THINK the market has bottomed-out? You’re early.
KNOW the market has bottomed-out? You’re late.

Dollar-cost-averaging isn’t sexy. But you’ll end up buying more shares when the price is low, and fewer when the price is high.

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”
Warren Buffett

two aces and stack of casino chips in background ALWAYS split aces and 8s, no matter what the dealer is showing.
Statistically, Insurance is a sucker bet.

Read the table top. Play by the same rules the dealer must. You’ll win more than lose. If you win three hands in a row, sprint to the Cashier window.

Browse pawn shops.
You’d have to have your head examined to buy some things anywhere else.

Need an electric drill? Pay full retail at The Home Depot or Sears, and you’ll get a shiny new one. Pay lots less at a pawn shop, and you’ll get one that looks like you’ve been workin.’

Is your kid taking clarinet lessons? Before you spring for the Benny Goodman autograph model, see if he LIKES playing clarinet.

Shopping for a diamond? Head for the mall, and you’ll be helping those national chain stores to pay their pricey rent, and to pay for all their TV advertising.

You’ll pay lots less at a pawn shop. And, of course, you’ll be getting the diamond appraised, so you’ll know what you’re buying.

What ALL diamonds have in common: They’re millions of years old. Who cares if someone else owned it for 3 years before you?

Use a jeweler to make your diamond your-very-own, with the real nice setting you’ll be able to afford because you bought the stone at a pawn shop.

Entering a prize drawing?
Wrinkle-up, then smooth-out your entry blank.
You’ll improve your chances of winning.

I speak from experience.
If they’ll be spinning the drum before drawing, your piece-of-paper will move around more than – and not adhere-to – other perfectly-flat entry forms.
If they don’t spin the drum, your entry blank will feel different than the others to whoever reaches in.

Don’t just sign your credit cards.
Sign AND print “Ask for ID.”

Don’t use credit cards unless you have a specific reason to.
And “I don’t have enough money with me” isn’t a valid reason. It’s probably evidence that you can’t afford what you’re thinking of buying.

Most purchases end up costing you more than if you paid cash.

Cash is great. It doesn’t come back to haunt you at the end of the month.

DON’T recycle. Save money, by saving energy two ways, by giving plastic bottles a second life, in your freezer.
When you buy a beverage, you’re spending more on packaging than contents. Lots more if you’re buying bottled water.

Making plastic bottles spends lots of energy. Thus recycling.

But before you toss empties into the bin, fill your freezer…with water. A-freezer-full-of-ice will consume less energy keeping c-c-c-cold. If you get a big Omaha Steaks delivery, you can always toss some frozen bottle to make room.

And if your power goes out, quickly pluck a few frozen bottles from the freezer and toss ‘em into the fridge.

Should you be using plastic wrap instead of aluminum foil?
If you’re wrapping leftovers for the fridge, use plastic wrap.
Aluminum foil isn’t airtight.
And aluminum foil is more expensive, and consumes more energy in manufacture, than plastic wrap.

Shop for Christmas cards on December 26
This isn’t just about when-to-buy Christmas cards.
And have a cool Yule.


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