Travel Tips

road warrior stranded in airport

Renting a car?
Reserve a subcompact.

Why: Often, they won’t have one available; so they’ll upgrade you.

If they do have a subcompact available, and you need something bigger, you can always upgrade on the spot.

“Hanging your clothes in a hot shower takes out the wrinkles, but steam them for no more than five minutes, or they’ll develop water marks.”
Famous radio consultant Mike McVay, possibly the only person I know who travels more than I do.

To make the most of long flights, pack a spare laptop battery…or two.
They never seem to stay-charged as long as the claims you read when you bought your computer.
And, as a battery ages, the charge doesn’t last as long.
And you can only re-charge a battery X-number-of-times.
So try to avoid re-charging a battery that is, for instance, 2/3 charged.

Flying Southwest Airlines?
You want seat #12F.

On many planes, it’s the only seat with no seat in front of it.

And 12F doesn’t just guarantee legroom.
Southwest really packs ‘em in.
So — in any seat but 12F — you won’t be able to use your laptop if the person in front of you reclines.

On some aircraft, there’s no seat in front of #11A either.

If a through passenger hasn’t already grabbed your dream seat, you’ll need to, pronto. That means “A” boarding group.

Hit no-later-than 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds before scheduled departure, and check-in online.


One response to “Travel Tips

  1. You’re absolutely right about Southwest! They have great service from Philadelphia to Nashville, but they’re right when they say boarding group “C” stands for center seat. Somehow I lucked out on my return trip and got an exit row…I think the seat in front of the best seat…which still had nice feet room. Also, another good travel tip…Always try to get an early flight out. Delays can be a pain and really put a damper on your trip. As the day goes on, the delay will affect another flight, and so on, so one problem will have a trickle down affect on many other flights.

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